First of all we are farmers!

Società Agricola Eatruscan

Every farmer worth his salt will tell you that to get something done, you have to get your hands dirty and when you are born in the same land the Etruscans sowed their seed for the first time over two thousand five hundred years ago, you feel the need to get your hands dirty and relive their history, by sowing your own cannabis

This is how Società Agricola Eatruscan began, from a shared passion, from doubts worthy of Hamlet and strong convictions, from a deep-rooted desire to explore, from a plant as a crossroads from which to begin.

We are convinced

everything begins from the earth, which is why we are proud to be farmers first and foremost.

We are convinced

that cannabis, this wonderful plant, has much more potential to be explored.

We are convinced

just like our beloved Etruscans, expert doctors, that nutrition is the fulcrum of wellbeing.

Società Agricola Eatruscan is a company with professionals in agriculture, agronomy, bio-chemistry and diffusion who follow our production of cannabis starting from the field, with special attention paid to the study and processing, experiments with all non-psychoactive cannabinoids, and CBD, the new, true star of natural medicine.

The structure is divided between Gubbio, where it has an estate of 26 hectares, 8 of which are under experimental crop, with the Cannabis Clinic & Restaurant at the centre and a small medicinal laboratory and the region of Romagna, where we have 50 hectares of organic crops. The crowning achievement of our semi-industrial plant in Rimini, on the other hand, is its life cycle assessment (energy impact 0 thanks to our photovoltaic system).

Production levels are guaranteed not only by a large harvesting machine, a dryer and modern rooms and machines to transform the cannabis (the plant’s annual nominal capacity is 500 tons), but also by an HPLC technique to measure the various plant components in real time.
You can find three lines of Eatruscan products: Almamaria, Canapeutical 
and Canapoil covering the food and pharmaceutical sector of cannabis by-products.

All the Eatruscan products in the Almamaria, Canapeutical and Canapoli lines can be found at the Cannabis Clinic & Restaurant and can be purchased on-line from our website: