Cannabis Clinic & SPO

A new way of thinking your holiday
Relax and retreat to nature with therapy amidst cannabis,
we’ll think of everything you could possibly want. We are a pet-friendly farmhouse.

Surrounded by the spectacular scenery of the Umbrian countryside, wrapped in the silence a short distance from the splendid town of Gubbio stands the Cannabis Clinic & SPO, an enchanting place, immersed in a peaceful, uncontaminated landscape equipped with every comfort. This is the ideal place to retreat from the frenetic, stressful rhythms of daily life, from the noise and chaos of the city, to regain peace, serenity and psycho-physical wellbeing in contact with your inner self.

The Cannabis Clinic & SPO stands on a farm, which stretches over 25 hectares and is dedicated to cultivating cannabis and chilli pepper, lavender and fenel, all harvested and carefully transformed to preserve tehir aromas and to be able to obtain their essence.

In addition to the standard crops, the Cannabis Clinic & SPO sets out to be an agronomic, experimental outpost for innovative planting. The main farmhouse is surrounded by a carefully tended garden, full of fruit trees, such as apricot, apple, cherry, pear and fig trees which provide unforgettable colour and perfume in truly a triumph of the senses. The estate also has a natural lake with abundant fish and a splendid summer swimming pool.

The Cannabis Clinic & SPO has three rooms and two mini-apartments, all carefuilly furnished with every comfort. In each accomodation you will also find a machine to make infusions and one to vaporise plant extracts.