Our inspiration came from the close bond between nature and tradition to exploit the precious properties of cannabis. A beautiful idea linked to th memory of our recent past: this precious, simple plant which, only a few decades ago, was considered a ductile, raw material, can now be used in a thousand different ways always linked to a healthy lifestyle, starting with nutrition.

The name cannabis is a scientific suffix which reflects how serious we are. We saw the inspired and increasingly popular use of cannabinoids in medicine and preventive therapy, and our project proposes to relaunch and rehabilitate the plant and take the concept beyond the prejudice that surrounds it. Our Cannabis Clinic & SPO aims, therefore, to draw the quality of tourist hospitality closer to the correct information on the use of cannabinoids as natural by-products of the plant, especially in the kitchen.

Why a

You will be able to book a personalised consultancy appointment with our medical team at the Bottega Artigiana delle Cure, where doctors and professionals with clinical experience of cannabinoids will be able to monitor and follow guests both before and/or after their holiday.

The team of the Bottega Artigiana delle Cure will discuss your situation with you before your stay to understand and, should you so wish, guide you to an understanding and mindful use of cannabinoids. Healthy practice and correct information, which our sector is desperately in need of, therefore, to compensate for incorrect ideas and bad information.

Why a

The structure offers bed and breakfast and, for those guests who so wish, subject to meeting the minimum number required, it also offers healthy, delicious dishes based on cannabis (standard menus based on the traditional food and wine of the area are also available) and other seasonal fruit and vegetables, all carefully prepared.

Trekking, excursions by Mountain bike and on horseback, a swimming pool and truffle hunts. Our private little lake is available for fishing enthusiasts.

Our rooms will welcome you and make you forget your frenetic, stressful everyday life. Each room has an en-suite and free Wi-Fi throughout with a themed ecological interior design.

A short distance from the splendid town of Gubbio stands the Cannabis Clinic & SPO, an enchanting place, immersed in a peaceful, uncontaminated landscape equipped with every comfort. This is the ideal place to retreat from the frenetic, stressful rhythms of daily life.


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