Parco del Monte Cucco, The Park of Mountain Sport, 30 minutes far away by car from Cannabis Clinic & SPO

The Park of Mountain Sport, It is an Apennine mountain system dominated by Monte Cucco (1,566m). Its Umbrian side descends up to via Flaminia, where it is possible to see some important remains of the Roman period. It is the “womb of the Apennines” with a complex hypogean system, karst phenomena, underground waters leading to the civic aqueducts, to the mineral springs and flowing into the River Sentino. The Park is rich in fossils and impaired woods. It is the Park of mountain sports: gliding, speleology, cross-country skiing. (source Book your stay at the Cannabis Clinic & SPO, nature, art, history, relax and food and wine are waiting for you…always with the hemp leading actor! More info on




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